Anna Maria Golf Cart Home

Rent a golf cart from AMI golf carts and experience all that Anna Maria Island has to offer, from gorgeous settings, historical sites and all the fun activities. We feature only the newest and most updated fleet of Electric Cars for all your Anna Maria Island transportation needs.

With our friendly staff it is our number one priority to provide you with only the finest most superb service at the most competitive rates year round. We have the knowledge needed to answer any questions or concerns, and our associates are standing by at all times to assist you with your rental. We also have a skilled mechanic on hand for any unexpected events or we will provide you with another Electric Car.

We are determined to provide our customers with the power and comfort to get them where they want to go while on vacation. In addition, we offer pick-up and delivery services for your convenience, so you can receive your car right away! To better serve you, we have now expanded our fleet to include the 14 passenger wedding or event shuttle.

Why Rent Electric Car Rentals on Anna Maria?

• NO Hidden Fees

• Free On-Board Charger & Long Extension Cord

• Free Emergency Roadside Assistance (9am – Sunset)

• We will beat any price on Anna Maria Island

• Consistently Friendly, Fast Customer Service

Electric Car Rules of the Road

All of our Electric Cars are equipped with standard safety belts which you are required to wear. Our Electric Cars are very difficult, if not, impossible to tip or roll over. Please observer all standard driving rules of the road, traffic signs and signals. You must have a valid US or International drivers license to drive our Electric Cars. Although these Electric Cars have no doors, they are very sturdy and all come standard with roll bars, roofs and windshields. Never drink and drive. We are all looking forward to having you here on our beautiful Anna Maria Island. Have a safe and wonderful vacation!


• Easy access to all Anna Maria attractions

• Top of the line vehicle

• Everything is included

• Eco-friendly and quiet

• Easy to drive and safe to operate

About Our Electric Cars

The electric car can go almost anywhere you want it to. They can run up to 60 miles before losing any charge. Additionally, they go up to 25 miles per hour at any given time, so you can get to your destination in a fast, yet safe, manner. We offer daily, 3 day and weekly rentals.

Our electric cars are a wonderful way to make your trip around Anna Maria even more enjoyable. They can be parked anywhere, whether on the street or parking lots and because they are small, they can easily maneuver around small areas other cars can’t go. What’s even better is you don’t even have to lock them up—just park, do your sightseeing, then continue on your way. Enjoy the great experience of private touring with friends and family while saving tons of money. Contact us for electric car rental services today!