About Anna Maria Golf Cart Rental

Renting golf carts on Anna Maria Island is a breeze when you rent with Fun and More Rentals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

First: Call into our office and give the staff the dates of your arrival and departure. (Our staff will then check availability of our carts.)

Second: Provide the office with your : Name, Drivers’ License and Auto Insurance Policy Information, Rental Address, and Credit Card for payment.

Third: You are done! We will finalize the order and send you confirmation of your rental to your e-mail.

How do you charge it?

These vehicles will plug into any basic three-pronged outlet. Sometimes the exterior outlets on the vacation homes may not be the best to use, so we advise finding multiple outlets to check and make sure when you are charging it that it is actually working. Our driver’s will show you how to do this when we deliver your cart to you.

How far will the cart last?

On a full battery charge, the golf carts will last about 25 to 35 miles. Given that Anna Maria Island is roughly 7 to 7.5 miles long, you can enjoy your golf cart for most of the day without worrying about heading home to charge it. However, we do suggest charging your vehicle whenever you can and especially overnight.

Can we drive on the beach?

No. This is to maintain the natural habitat of sea turtle nests and other Anna Maria Island wildlife.

Do I need to bring an extension cord?

No. Each vehicle comes with an onboard charger & long extension cord.

Do I need to get gas?

No. There is no refueling necessary. Our electric cars are 100% electric.

Can we drive at night?

You bet you can. Our electric carts have street legal headlights.

How fast do the electric carts go?

Our electric carts can travel up to 25mph and can be driven on most streets with a speed limit of 25mph.

Can my baby ride in the electric cart?

Yes. You can securely fasten a fullsize carseat into our electric carts.

Does we have to wear seatbelts?

Absolutely! Our electric vehicles are street legal and each passenger must be seated in their own seat with their seatbelts fastened.

Do I have to have a drivers license?

Definitely. Every person that plans to operate the vehicle must have a valid US or International drivers license.